Flickinger Rude Bomb Boost Pedal - Red


MOSFET BOOST! Very musical and essential

What we think:

The Rude Bomb rocks! It took all of 3 seconds to figure that one out. Doesn't sound tinny and bright like some boosters do. It has good amound of low-end response. This pedal is your tube amp's best friend! use a little to get your amp to break up at the sweet spot, or use a lot for full saturation with note seperation and inspiring tone!

Manufacturer Description:

Using a single MOSFET transistor, your Rude Bomb Tone Box will boost your signal to give you sweet natural overdrive from your tube amplifier.  It is very transparent and tone neutral, adding just a touch of “rude” to your sound.


This controls the overall output volume of your Rude Bomb.  Be aware, this pedal is capable of a very large volume boost to your signal.  Make sure not to overload other effects or your amplifier!


Your Rude Bomb can use a standard 9V battery.  Also, the jack on the left sideaccepts a standard 2.1mm (BOSS type) AC adapter.  Make sure the center pin is negative.  Using the wrong polarity will not harm the pedal, however it will not function.

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