FMR Audio RNC500 500-Series Really Nice Compressor


FMRs Infamous Really Nice Compressor in a 500-Series module!

What we think:

Give it a listen and you'll surely understand the origin of its name!

Manufacturer Description:

Based upon our successful Really Nice Compressor, this variation not only fits the increasingly popular API500 series rack, but delivers an improved dynamic fidelity befitting the format! This dynamic-range compressor provides positive signal control while leveraging its pedigree for simultaneously reducing collateral sonic damage. Additionally, we've added some thoughtful features that most folks won't overtly notice, but will be glad that they're there: overcurrent protection prevents a rare failure from bringing down your whole 500-series rack, an early-warning power supply detection that causes the RNC500  to enter bypass—irrespective of the front panel switch position—to avoid power-down "pops", a robust 18 gauge electro-galvanized enclosure that keeps the delicate electronics safe from harm and helps protect against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) from affecting things inside or outside of the enclosure.

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