Focal XS 2.1 Multimedia System, Active Monitor Pair + Subwoofer


High-end Multimedia solution with integrated Sound Card and USB Connections.

Manufacturer Description:

Real solution of sound monitoring for any multimedia applications, Focal XS 2.1 will satisfy the ProAms (Professional Amateurs), sound and video lovers who work with audio software (Garage Band, Logic Studio...) or solutions for video editing (iMovie, Final Cut...). Definition, spacialization and low latency are guarantees of quality.

Three amplifiers are integrated inside the subwoofer, 70W RMS for the bass, 2x30W RMS for the speakers. To be placed under your desk, on the floor. A set-up of the bass level permits to adapt to the room acoustics and proportions. Then, you can forget about it. The volume adjustment can be made on the dock or with the remote control.


Connect to your computer

Connect the Focal XS 2.1 speakers system to your iMac through the USB mode. Switch on XS. Listen to your favorite music from iTunes with the realism of a professional monitoring sound: definition, tonal richness, spacialization and power. And all this with extreme simplicity without any set-up.

Connect to your iPod

Choose the adapter corresponding to your iPod and put it on dock. No cable necessary, your iPod is recharging directly on the local supply and you can control it with the remote control. Switch on the synchro mode at the back of the dock, your iPod automatically opens in iTunes and the synchronization starts. Very simple.

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