Focal SM9 Studio Monitor Pair


3 way monitoring system with a built in passive 11" sub-woofer.

What we think:

With 2 Monitors in 1 (more about that later), the Focal SM9’s have been long awaited here at SoundPure.  Focal sought out to build the best reference monitor and developed new technologies on the way.  The SM9’s, with the built in sub and passive radiator, will be the ideal workhorse monitor pair for any studio, but the added bonus of deactivating the low end (to create a simple 2 way speaker), you also have a set of near-fields for guitar/vocal/mid range work.

The 6.5” mid range driver and 1” Beryllium tweeter are housed in a completed enclosed box inside the full speaker, so when you switch over to the focus setting, you are going to a true 2 way system.  Focal designed this set up to be “voiced” slightly different as the low end crossover is now removed and the 6.5” driver is getting the full signal (to 90 hz) while the top crossover is bumped as well to maximize performance in the 2 way setting.  This has proved to be wonderful for spot checking mixes on smaller systems as well as fine tuning aspects of the mix.

In full range mode the SM9 is a monster!  With the active 8” driver engaged, the low end becomes crystal clear, but well produced thanks to the passive 11” radiator.  The Radiator works almost as a passive sub (firing off the work of the 8” diver as the share the same space).  Because this isn’t a ported system, the lows are defined and tight, but because of the extra 11” driver, you get the extended bass response down to 30 hz. 

Last but not least, Focal has completely re-designed all of the amps for this speaker (no left over parts here!) to maximize performance.  400 watts of class A/B handles the 8” driver, while 100 watts handles the 6.5” and another 100 watt amp handles the tweeter.  In short, these monitors get loud.  Plenty of power and volume to handle clients in the room as well as long days of mixing, but not fatiguing like many other systems.   


Manufacturer Description:

This monitoring speaker establishes itself as a reference thanks to the precision of the stereo image, its capacity to reproduce each of the micro details of the audio signal , as well as unconditional respect of the original dynamics.

One of the major SM9 innovations lies in the fact of offering 2 monitoring speakers in only one and unique cabinet. The SM9 is thus composed of 2 monitors: a 3 way monitor and a 2 way monitor.

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