2016 Chris Forshage "Heritage Super Eagle". This custom 1-off is BRAND NEW!   This hand crafted guitar took a year to create.  It features a 14" Carved Maple Top and a 3/4 Mahogany Block.  It weighs just 7lb-2oz.   Chris prefers Lollar Pickups for his guitars and the clarity really compliments the fundamental warmth/air created by the design.  12" Radius, a 25" Scale and a 1-11/16" Nut Width.

In your hands this piece shines with a resonance inherent in all Forshage Guitars.  You will hear that spongey snappy combo that you seek in a semi.  The finish is beautiful.  The C neck profile is familiar and comfortable.  The fretwork is smooth and expert.  One can tell that Chris puts his heart and soul into each piece.  What I love is that he is rarely repeating himself.   If you see a Forshage that speaks to you GRAB IT because it's unlikely that another exists.  To me that is the sign of a perfectionist...constantly trying to outdo himself.

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Brand New
Jim Pallotta
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