Captain Coconut 2 effect pedal for sale.
A re-design of the original Captain Coconut effect. CC2 set a new standard in limited production, hand-built guitar effects. The product features included a plug-in fuzz card, envelope controlled speed for the ProVibe, and improved speed control.
Features include.FuzzCard "plug-in fuzz" concept - Fuzz is a touchy thing. Most players have their own idea of what the ideal Fuzz should sound like. This is due in part to the fact that the original FuzzFace was not a consistent product, there were different versions (Silicon NPN, germanium PNP, custom mods, etc..) and individual units sounded different from one another.Improved Speed pedal control - The original Univibe came with a speed control pedal, there was no speed control on the front of the unit. Since then, virtually all of the true Vibe clones which offer external speed pedal control have relied on the same basic circuit. This is good and bad - it's good because nothing beats the original Univibe "throb" that this circuit delivers.Order of effects - Just like the original Captain Coconut, CC2 offers the ability to patch the three effects in any order you want. Incredible new super rugged steel chassis - The original Captain Coconut was built into an off-the-shelf Hammond-style dye cast aluminum enclosure. This presented certain challenges such as limited availability, the fact that all the holes had to be hand-drilled and look is kind of "boxy". In order to make CC2 easier to produce, I decided to design an all steel, custom punched, angled enclosure. It's a two piece box made from cold-rolled steel - the top part is 16 gauge and the base is 14 gauge and it's powder coated in black. This adds up to a heavy duty, bullet-proof enclosure which is virtually indestructible, with a look and feel that just oozes with quality.


FuzzCard "plug-in fuzz" concept

Envelope Controlled Speed (ECS) for the Provibe

Improved Speed pedal control

Order of effects - Just like the original Captain Coconut, CC2 offers the ability to patch the three effects in any order you want.

hand built, rugged,reliable and desirable effect .Check out our vintage cases, guitar parts,amps and guitars as well, Thankx fur lookin...

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