Remember the 60s? If not, just take a close look at this guitar and you’ll have a good idea of the design aesthetic of that era. There were lots of weird and wonderful space-agey guitars made in Japan and sold in America. Offset body shapes. Weird pickguards. Exotic whammy bars. Lots of switches or buttons. It was cool if somewhat weird.

And then there was Framus, a German instrument manufacturer who outfitted guitarists and bassists in Europe with similar styled guitars. Bill Wyman of the Stones famously rocked a Framus bass, and many other musicians played Framus as well.

Here we have a Framus Television guitar from the 1960s in all its glory. In good vintage condition with lots of finish checking that just adds to the vibe. In good working and playing order. All original except for a refret. This is a sweet German-made offset guitar that epitomizes the 1960s.

Year: 1960s

Make: Framus

Model: Television Guitar

Serial: none

Finish: Sunburst

Case: Gig Bag

Weight: 5 pounds 13 ounces

Condition: Good with Finish Checking Throughout

Modifications: Refretted

Comments: Funky in the best possible sense of the word!

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