White Wave
Fuzz + Booster

Jack White & Thruston Moore, just to name our favorites players, are well known for pairing a booster in front of a Big Muff. We loved the sound of this super compressed stuffed-like-a-turkey fuzz, so we thought, “Why don’t we fit the two pedals in one?”.

White Wave is a single pedal with two independent effects: a clean, classic booster and a Green Russian Big Muff inspired fuzz with tons of Low end and longer sustain than his parent. You can use them separately or together (booster comes first) to reach that fatty growling fuzz sound.


Use this control to make the pedal louder or quieter

Use this control to increase the sharp screaming fuzz

Clockwise for maximum boost, counterclockwise to dim the loudness

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Rivington Guitars

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