Fredenstein Bento 6 500-Series Rack


With compressor buss linking and daisy chaining available, the Fredenstein Bento 6 is a versatile and dependable 500-series rack at an incredible price!

Manufacturer Description:

The Fredenstein Bento 6 is a compact carrying enclosure for six Fredenstein F60X modules or other industry standard compatible cards. Fredenstein’s advanced audio routing capabilities significantly reduce wiring complexity. Delivering +/-16Vdc at 1.6A each and +48Vdc at 0.3A, Bento 6 will work properly even with the most power demanding modules. A universal power supply (90Vac – 240Vac, 50Hz – 60Hz) makes international touring a breeze. The multi-layer backplane ensures lowest noise figures and maximum signal integrity.

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