Fredenstein HD PRE 500-Series Preamp


The HD PRE achieves the highest quality preamplification to match your high fidelity digital capabilites!

Manufacturer Description:

The Fredenstein HD microphone preamplifier utilizes a completely new approach to microphone level amplification. Everybody in the recording industry is now using 96 kHz or 192 kHz sampling rates while tracking, but still using equipment, which cannot provide the frequency response or bandwidth provided by modern A/D converters. The HD Pre overcomes these limitations and yields a new sound quality. Especially for wider bandwidth sources, like acoustic instruments, voices, and drums, the HD pre plays in its own league. It is the preferred choice for classical recordings as well.

Besides incorporating a fully discrete signal path and a Class-A balanced output stage, the HD Pre uses a revolutionary current amplification circuit, which neutralizes limiting internal transistor capacitance. As a result, the HD Pre features an unprecedented bandwidth of over 900 kHz.

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