*Clarification: This is not a Froggy Bottom Guitar, but rather a project guitar built prior to the launch of Froggy Bottom. See below. This, folks, is an interesting guitar from the early days of independent makers. In the world of contemporary guitar construction, the names Bill Cumpiano and Michael Millard (founder of Froggy Bottom Guitars) are synonymous with early innovation--we have these men to thank for our present plethora of builds, designs, voices, and styles that populates the contemporary guitar world. Back in the lates 60's/early 70s, when Bill and Michael had just begun their solo careers after years spent with Gurian Guitars, they shared a workshop to cut costs. They came together to build this one in the style of a Gurian #2 model, this guitar has a three-piece Brazilian Rosewood back, Spruce top, and a slightly smaller body that packs a punch (or several). The voice is sweet and rich and loud (thanks to the fully-opened Spruce top), and performs beautifully for American Trad music or for Blues and Rags. Note: This guitar does have a hand drawn label inside that reads Froggy Bottom, but it was likely done in fun during construction.

Year Condition Color
Call Good Brazilian Rosewood


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