The Fryette Pittbull 100 CLX is an amplifier head from the Master Built collection, which means all parts are hand picked and the construction is hand made. With three channels, the Pittbull 100 CLX allows the most versatility from the Fryette collection. Whether you're soloing in the lead channel, looking for overdrive in the rhythm channel, or needing incredible sustain in the clean channel, this amp head will impress.

Let's see what Fryette has to say:

The Hundred/CLX Master Built Series Amplifier is without question one of the finest, most expressive, most versatile amplifiers ever created. Each amplifier is hand built from individual component inspection right down to every last solder connection and then signed by our most experienced and meticulous amplifier Master Builder. Upon completion, tubes are carefully selected and matched; the amplifier is then pre-tested and burned in for a minimum of 72 hours.

Other specifications include:

Three channels: LEAD, RHYTHM & CLEAN
Gain Stacking™
Six-Band Graphic EQ
Series/Parallel Effects Loop
Power Amp Mute
Half Power Mode
Dual-Class™ Mode
Variable Line Out
100 Watts RMS.
4, 8 or 16 ohms
Two parallel output jacks
Tube Complement
1-12AX7A Tung-Sol (Russia)
4-12AX7AC (China Selected)
4-Premium Matched Mullard EL34 Power Tubes
FC-2 Footswitch (included)
29.25 X 9.5 X 10.5
50 lbs

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