Furch Grand Nylon GN4 Sitka/Rosewood Cutaway Acoustic Guitar


The perfect introduction to hybrid nylon guitars! Everything we love about the sound of nylon's without the intimidatingly large nut-width!

What we think:

The bass response is warm and full and just blossoms out like a flower bud. The mid-range frequencies are open and airy with lush sympathetic harmonies. It's a complete package thats truly greater than the sum of its parts. It's the perfect guitar for someone who wants to dive into the world of classicals or nylons and might be a little intimidated by the typical nut-width. It's a fantastically playing guitar that feels like home the moment she hits your hands. 

Manufacturer Description:

Our Grand Nylon series combines two guitar worlds, the sound and lightness of playing the classical guitar and ergonomic features of a neck of steel string guitars. The body and the bracing are designed in the spirit of the Furch philosophy for the balanced combination of the tone, the dynamics, the sustain and its loudness. The GN4 model comes with the choice of red cedar or Sitka spruce for the soundboard and Indian rosewood for the back and sides. The beauty of the wood is enhanced by our brilliant high gloss finish.

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