FX Engineering Sidewinder Open Overdrive Effect Pedal


WOW! great sonic quality

Manufacturer Description:

The Sidewinder Open Overdrive offers an incredible range of two stage, blend-able gain.  Gain 1 adjusts the degree of Mosfet transistor derived overdrive while Gain 2 adjusts the degree of fat, thick Germanium transistor derived gain.  8 unique EQ curves are available via its Bass, Treble 1 and Treble 2, Cut/Boost toggle switches allowing for an amazing array of overall frequency/tone adjustments.

Depending on how the two gain controls are balanced, amore overdrive-centric tone or a more smooth, ultra thick germanium fuzz tone can be achieved with dramatic range of combinations.

Bringing the Gain 1 control up to the level of gain you're looking for and then adding enough of Gain 2 to get a taste of Germanium goodness is a great place to start with the sidewinder.


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