Many many moons ago, I went with some friends to see Journey in Atlanta. We sat on the far right side, so I could literally see what was going on backstage with all the roadies running around, the rock stars grab-assing with girls, etc. So, the band starts their show and here comes Neil Schon, sounding like a 100 dollar bill. He's always had great tone and yes, the songs pretty much sounded like the records and I was just listening, drinking a very overpriced, half-warm beer when I spotted it and what I saw has not left me to this day.

If you were sitting more towards the center of the crowd, you would have seen Neil running around in front of about six Hi-Watt stacks. "Hi-watt," for all the world to see and know that Mr. Neil Schon played Hi-watt amps and cabinets exclusively on that particular tour. But the "it" I spotted was a roadie adjusting a microphone in front of a little combo amp that was sitting in a small plexiglass cube behind Neil's rig. It looked like there was some stuffing or baffling materials in the rear of the cube, with the amp facing the open side. 

I couldn't believe it- Neil "Doggone" Schon played Hi-watts because that was what was lined up across the stage, but it looked to me like what I was hearing was coming out of this little miked up combo amp backstage. I later asked a buddy of mine who owned a backline company if what I saw wasn't a hallucination and he replied that guitarists do that all the time. AND, come to find out, half, if not most of the 4 x 12 cabs were not loaded with speakers. Talk about getting your rock-n-roll bubble busted...

So that story leads us to this little GK MLS 112. When we got it back to the office and prepared to check it out, I pulled out a Hamer Rick Neilson Korina Explorer. What better guitar to check out an amp with than an Explorer, right, so I plugged that guitar into this amp and dialed it in. The tone that this GK produces is so killer and Metal, the memory of that Journey concert was the first thing that popped into my head and I swear that on a stack of Jack Daniels labels...

This is exactly the amp you would place backstage and stick a microphone in front of if you wanted the perfect Rock tone. There is absolutely nothing I don't like about this amp, from the way it sounds to its weight. I wish I had known about these badass little combos back in the day because if I had, all of my guitar players would have been using them at our shows and my lower back wouldn't feel like powder now.

The Celestion G12 is an absolute crusher and the amp as a whole is very easy to transport.As always, thanks for stopping by and please feel free to call or email with any questions- we're always on standby!

Southern Elk Music Co.

Southern Elk Music Co.

Southern Elk Music Co.
Ray Mauldin
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