Germino Club 40 made in April 2018.  One owner lived in a nonsmoking environment.  Super clean and sounds amazing.  Couple of questions I'll get out of the way. About the amp:
  • No TUBE/SS Rectifier Option
Questions I will laugh at ...and you will too unless you were going to ask them..then you will run to your nearest internet forum and say what a dick I am:
  • I will NOT take chassis pictures so that you can "determine the originality" (i.e., copy the circuit).
  • I will not weigh the amp
  • I will not measure the amp
  • I will not weigh or measure or photograph the tubes
  • I will not test each or any component of the circuit.
  • YES the amp works.
  • Why am I selling it?...well...we are a STORE and we SELL GEAR.
  • I will not pull every home security camera film from here to timbuck two in order to assure you the amp lived in a perfectly climately controlled environment with humidty of 36.6% so that you don't get any tube drift or corrosion in the pots which could lead to maintenance (and we all know you want to use YOUR guy at $950 a minute).
  • I will not cover you to re-bias the amp OR for any maintenance you feel the need to do on a one year old babied amp.
  • I will not entertain trades
  • I will not check out 327 types of shipping options so that you can save $4 and cost me 12 hours.
  • I will not do a video, sound or even Tarot Card reading on this.
  • I will not verify through affidavit that the prior owner ran it through the correct voltage from his outlet.
  • I will not warranty the item because you do not like how it sounds.
  • I will not offer you an approval period
  • I will not accept a return.
  • I will not blacklight the item
  • phew that was healthy....


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