Gibraltar 5700 Hardware Pack


Great complete hardware pack! 

What we think:

Gibraltar has put together a great collection of medium weight stands in a convenient package. This  hardware is ideal for a drummer or early set player looking to upgrade or outfit in a single purchase. These stands are also great for the working drummer who wants to lighten his hardware case. Backed by Gibraltar's 5 year warranty, you can't go wrong.

Manufacturer Description:

The 5700 PK Hardware pack features updated G style super lock height adjustments, 2-tier stands with hinged height adjustments, two-point hideaway boom and cast metal collars. All these features make this the post popular hardware packs in the offering.


• Three-tier stands with hinged height adjustments
• Nylon inserts at contact points for no metal to metal contact
• Two-point hideaway cymbal boom with 18” solid rod
• All cast collars with replaceable captive threaded nuts

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