Gibraltar 9608RQRB Round Vinyl Drum Throne-Red Black


Pro double braced throne base with Gibraltar exclusive super foot Spindle height adjustment with memory lock system


What we think:

Not only does the Gibraltar 9608RQPRB look striking with its red and black seat, the drum throne is remarkably comfortable and quite practical too. The drum throne has a round memory foam seat with a rugged synthetic leather finish, which gives you plenty of freedom to move around as much as you like. The 9608RQPRB provides you with a high-quality seat behind your drum kit.


Manufacturer Description:

The 9608RQPRB is fitted with rugged double-braced legs that lend it great stability and keep it securely in place while you're playing. The round seat allows you to move your body freely, and the height of the drum throne can be adjusted at will and fixed by means of the memory lock system, so you don't need to set it time and time again. The seat of the 9608RQPRB has good-looking black and red design that give this stable and pleasant drum throne a striking look.



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