Gibraltar 9608RSG Round Vinyl Drum Throne-Satin Grey


Satin Grey Sides with a Black Cordura top.


What we think:

Being the driving force behind the band is anything but a cushy job. So to make what you do more comfortable, Gibraltar offers more models of thrones than any other drum company. You select the throne of your choice or, if you prefer, you can purchase a seat of a base separately. Giving you a greater selection and more options are what make Gibraltar throne the leading brand in the market.

Manufacturer Description:

  • Round 13" x 3.5" seat
  • Satin Grey Silver side
  • Comfortable cloth top and super comfort cushion foam (the top of the throne is cloth while the circumference of the seat is a vinyl wrap)
  • Pro double braced throne base with Gibraltar exclusive super foot
  • Spindle height adjustment with memory lock system


Year Condition
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