Gibraltar 9707ML-UA Ultra Adjust Hi Hat Stand


Setting up and positioning hardware can be a very frustrating and timeconsuming task. While finding a comfortable hi-hat position for ones legs and double bass drum pedal, hi-hat cymbal playing placement is often compromised.

Manufacturer Description:

Gibraltar 9707MLUA Ultra Adjust Hi Hat Stand - Adjustable Legs. This Ultra Adjust stand grants you the ability to be very flexible with your hi hat placement - the legs and the hats no longer need to be directly on top of one another. The bottom portion of the stand features fully-rotational, double-braced legs that can be placed in any position you like. The top half of the stand features a gooseneck with ball socket hinges at both joints, allowing you to move the hi hats to any angle, out of the way of other instruments. The stand also has a height adjustment from 32" to 38". The liquid drive gives you a completely balanced pedal feel and the tension is adjustable to fit your personal style.

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