Have you ever heard the old saying "Be careful what you wish for?" Well I should have listened, but in this instance, things turned out for me in a both good and bad way. A couple of weeks ago, we listed a Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary and it sold in a couple of days, if that. It was one of the quickest "up and downs" we have ever experienced, so when the transaction was complete, I think I said something to Lee like "Man, I wish you could blow another one of those out of your behind." (that's an edited statement) and he succinctly replied "I do have another one, Cub." Well, that led to my usual "leaping before I looked" retort and I popped off with, "A hunn-ed dollas says you don't." and from there, it was on. Lee didn't want a hundred smackaroonies out of me; Instead, it was time to teach the Cub a lesson.

He said, "Let me get this straight. You're going to bet me a C-note that I don't have another 25/50? That's what you're saying to me?" and I nodded. "You damn right that's what I'm saying." I said and I felt pretty confident that he didn't have another one because I'd never seen it. I thought I knew what he had collected over the years and I stood there with my chest puffed out and arms folded. With him being 6' 3" and me 3' 6", in my mind, it was like a standoff between two giants. He simply smiled and said, "I'll be right back." Now I need you folks to know that, at that very moment, my huge grin started to fade a little because I knew, deep down inside that he would never go all the way to his house and drive back if he didn't have me dead to rights. That also meant that, in about an hour, he was going to stroll into the office and lay a second 25/50 on my desk. That ALSO meant that I would be into him for a hundred dollars and I'd rather be duct-taped to the tail wing of the space shuttle than owe this man a hundred clams.

An hour later, here came the truck, out popped Lee and in his hand was this guitar. He was smiling like a cat eating cold cuts and all I could do was drop my head and mutter, "Man, you got me. Here's the hundred." but oh hell to the naw. That was going to be waaaaay too easy and he immediately said, "Uh-UH, Cub. Not so fast my friend." I could go on with my story of loss forever, but here was the end to this tragic tale; Florida-Georgia Line played here in Atlanta and I had to go to the show with Lee. I was made to wear cowboy boots, a pair of jeans with the friggin' designs on the back pockets and last but not least, a plaid- design, Country Music- ass shirt with the sleeves cut off. Oh the pain and agony of it all and I looked like a short Jason Aldean that spent way too much time hanging out at the mall, eating egg rolls. And, I had to buy the beer that night. Truth be told, I would have rather just given him the hundred and went to my office to listen to Overkill. As least I would have still had my dignity...

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1978 Excellent Natural Original Hard


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