Here we have a 1944-45 Banner J-45 that totally thrills us. We have a real weakness for Banner Gibsons and this guitar just reinforces why they’re so great. A lovely looking wartime Gibson with a 1 3/4 inch nut width, original bridge, and its original three-on-a-plate tuners. The bone nut and saddle have been replaced but the originals are included (also comes with original bridge pins).

There is an unrepaired back crack which is hard to see but it’s there. Seems perfectly stable, though, and the prior owner reports it’s been there for years. It could be cleated as a precaution, but we’ll let the new owner make that decision. There is a possible stress crack running from the base of the headstock a few inches down the neck. Again, very hard to see, and it might be only a finish crack, but we just wanted to point it out.

The saddle is pretty low as you can see in the photos, but the action is perfect, so no need for a neck reset. It plays like a dream and the tone is crisp and loud—everything you’d expect tonally in a Banner J-45. Comes with a non-original but period Lifton case to add to the vintage vibe. This guitar is truly awesome.

Year: 1944-45

Make: Gibson

Model: Banner J-45

Finish: Vintage Sunburst

Case: Period Lifton Hardshell Case

Weight: 4 pounds 5 ounces

Condition: Good Vintage Condition

Modifications: Non-original saddle; unrepaired back crack; replaced bone nut (original saddle, nut, and bridge pins included); probable refret

Comments: What's not to like about a Banner J-45? Nothing! They're truly awesome.

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