Of all the Gibson BR amps introduced immediately after WWII, the BR-3 is the rarest and arguably the coolest. Fewer than 80 BR-3s were produced, all in 1946.

The green script G logo on the grill cloth is in perfect condition. The tweed covering of the amp is also in remarkable condition for a piece of this age. Honestly, you couldn’t hope to find a mid-40s amp in this kind of condition. When they come along, they’re very special.

Small and light weight, the BR-3 is powered by a pair of 6V6 tubes delivering around 12 to 15 watts. The control panel has three input jacks: a microphone jack and two instrument jacks. There are two chicken-knob volume controls, one for the microphone input and one for the instrument inputs. A master tone knob is also provided. An On/Off toggle, red power light, and fuse cap complete the control panel.

Above the control panel is an easily removable (4 screws) metal plate that helps shield the electronics from interference. Power is provided by dual 6V6 tubes that produce a nice 12-15 watts of sound. The amp is well voiced and when pushed it produces a warm crunchy overdrive that’s really killer.

This amp also features its original Utah 12 inch speaker (date code 328539) in great condition with the output transformer mounted on the speaker frame.

Year: 1946

Make: Gibson

Model: BR-3 Amp

Finish: Tweed

Condition: Excellent, with only a couple of superficial scuffs and some very minor oxidation and scratching on the control panel.

Modifications: A couple of changed capacitors and an added 3-prong power cable. Based on the shape of the handle. it may possibly have been replaced somewhere along the road but it's a vintage leather handle, so who knows?

Comments: Honestly, you couldn't hope to find a mid-40s amp in this kind of condition. When they come along, they're very special.

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