Yet another variation on the just-post-war Gibson lap steel theme; they just seem to keep on coming. This one's got the then-spanking new “block-letter-script” logo, and another HUGE LOUD pre-P-90 pickup with six individual magnets as pole pieces, this time with black cover; square neck; clear Plexi pickup/control mounting plate and handguard with cool metallic gold undercoat; period Bakelite control knobs which may be original; original tuners, thankfully with all-new buttons; original black jack plate. Incendiarily hot, ready to go, anywhere, anytime. Original hardshell case too, with plush blue lining, doesn’t get any better than that. $1195 w/ohsc

Matt Umanov Guitars

Matt Umanov Guitars

Original Hard
20 Years
Matt Umanov Guitars
Matt Umanov
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New York, NY
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