The vintage Gibson amps just keep coming in! Up for grabs a 1950s Gibson BR-6 style 2! This 1x10 tube combo puts out about 12 watts. Perfect for recording! This amp is in good condition for its age. The power cable has been replaced with a grounded 3 prong cable. There are new lead wires coming of the transformer. It's possible that the speaker has been reconed. The filter caps have been replaced. The tubes have been replaced but still are vintage. This amp is a super fun part of Gibsons history. Plug in and turn up!

Year: 1950s

Model: BR-6


Condition: This amp is in good condition.

Modifications: This amp has been retubed with vintage tubesI A new three prong power cable was installed. There are new lead wires on the transformer. It's possible the speaker was reconed.

Comments: Awesome 50s tube amp!

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