Bay Area Vintage Guitars presents number two of two 1948 - 1950 Gibson BR-9 Amps in our inventory. This one appears to be all original and in good working order.

This vintage tube combo amp has a simple one-knob format and a great clean tone. Higher-output pickups and gain pedals can provide some very cool distortion. We believe this has a Jensen speaker.

Over the past 70+ years, it has experienced some nicks, dings, bumps and scrapes, but otherwise is in working order.

DISCLAIMER: This nearly ~74-year-old amp appears all original, so we have elected to leave it that way in the interest of history.

As such, it is offered in AS-IS condition, not because of any damage or perceived flaws but due to its uniqueness, age, and all-original condition.

As with all amps of this age, it is highly recommended that you have the amp serviced by a professional amp technician.

Please review the photos closely, as they are part of the description and images of the item you will receive.

Ships to the continental U.S. for $125.

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