Gibson Custom Shop 2017 Collectors Choice #46 Scott Bradoka 1959 Les Paul aka “Kathryn” #9-2023

This is a Collector's Choice #46 Scott Bradoka 1959 Les Paul Aged model, a reproduction of guitarist and burst collector Scott Bradoka's 1959 Les Paul "Kathryn".

This guitar was built by analysing the one with serial number #9-2023, which is considered to have the best sound and neck grip of his Burst collection, and the neck is a slightly sharp for a 1959 Les Paul.

The chipped head, scratches on the back of the neck and detailed weather checks all over the body are reproduced by 3D scanning of the original, creating a realistic finish that gives the guitar the feel of a vintage guitar.

The specs are based on True Historic, and the pickups are equipped with two Custombuckers.

There are cigarette stains throughout, yellowed plastic parts such as the binding and pickup rings, and a 5mm-sized dent near the tailpiece stud on the 6th string side, but there are few other signs of wear, no fret loss, and no problems with the neck and truss rod.

The guitar and case smell of cigarettes.

Body : Maple/Mahogany
Neck : Mahogany
Fingerboard : Rosewood
Weight: 3.89 kg
Case: Original Hard Case

Accessories: COA

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