Murphy Lab's acoustic guitar at last!

Gibson Custom Shop / 2023 Murphy Lab 1960 Hummingbird Heritage Cherry Sunburst Light Aged

Murphy Lab is a project that began in 2021 as the culmination of Gibson reissue and aging guru Tom Murphy's experience, skill, and knowledge.

In 2023, the Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue Collection series will be joined by the "Murphy Lab" series, the first Gibson acoustic guitars to be given the Light Aged treatment. The "Murphy Lab" series will be the first Gibson acoustic guitars to be given a light-aged finish.

The Murphy Lab 1960 Hummingbird Heritage Cherry Sunburst Light Aged is based on the first year Hummingbird, Gibson's first square shoulder guitar, which was introduced in 1960.

First impression is "Cool...". Such a word just leaks out.

The overall color tone is calm and vintage-like.
The finish is checkered in places,
It is hard to believe that it was done by human hands.
Each and every part has also been aged and put together in a cool way.

"Let's build a vintage-like guitar with a modern Gibson."

The guitar is made with the same enthusiasm as the vintage guitars, and each specification has some differences from the vintage guitars.

The neck is medium scale with a wide nut width of 44mm.
The neck shape is thick C-shape, which gives you a good grip and enjoyable feeling that is unique to the current Hummingbird guitars.
The bracing pattern is a scalloped X-bracing, which is thicker than that of the 60's guitars.

The sound character can be played with a soft and soft taste, or it can be played with a crisp and cool sound depending on the picking nuance.

The sound rises quickly and resonates clearly, which can only be achieved with current Gibson guitars.

In terms of sound and looks, I feel that Gibson has given birth to another new guitar. This is a wonderful guitar that we can expect to see evolve in the future.

[Specs/Included case]
TOP : Thermally Aged Red spruce
BACK/SIDES : Mahogany
NECK : Mahogany
NUT WIDTH : 44mm
SCALE : 627mm
Electronics: n/a
CASE : Original Hard Shell Case

[Playing Condition]
- Neck and wood parts thoroughly inspected and adjusted by acoustic guitar specialist.
- Neck is straight, no chatter or clogging.
- String height at 12th fret: 2.5 mm on 6th string side, 2.0 mm on 1st string side
- Saddle protrusion: approx. 3.5 to 5.0 mm
- Saddle replacement available

[Covered by 5-year Premium Adjustment Warranty].
- Includes an adjustment support warranty by a craftsman specializing in acoustic guitars with a track record of repair/adjustment of approximately 2,000 guitars per year.
- Customization consultation to suit your playing style is welcome.

[For a fee]
- Priority will be given to repairing peeling of adhesive parts such as bracing and bridge due to aging.
- We can also provide replacement work for fret board and other consumable parts.

- All parts are disassembled and thoroughly cleaned.
- All parts are disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Precise and thorough adjustments are made by a craftsman specializing in acoustic guitars.

- We offer a full range of purchase services, not only for acoustic guitars, but also for electric guitars, basses, effectors, wind instruments, and more.
- When you purchase an acoustic guitar from us, you can trade it in for a higher-than-usual price.
- We also accept consignment sales. Inquiries about contract terms and conditions are welcome.
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- Mail order
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[Mail Order Relief Service].
- Since we are not able to offer a trial for mail-order sales, we offer a trial period of 6 days after the product arrives at our store.
- If the product does not meet your expectations after you have had a chance to try it out at home, we will refund the full amount of the product price. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

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