The Collector's Choice edition from Gibson has some incredibly interesting 1959 Reissue productions, and #11 'Rosie' falls under that category. The original is considered to be one of the best preserved '59 Les Pauls out there and has had just two owners in its 60 year life time. Now, 60 years is a long time for a guitar to be played and loved, and Rosie is not without marks or indentations which have been faithfully reproduced on the Collector's Choice #11 model. These are mainly on the top of the body as well as being in certain instances on the back of the body and neck. Whilst there are a good number of indentations, these are small in nature.
As would could be guessed, 'Rosie' gets the name from the colour of this particular '59 which remained within its case for much of its ownership and was therefore kept away from the decades of hue-fading effects of natural light which lightens the original colour of so many other Les Pauls from this period. The back itself is a close representation of the originally intended colour from when Les Pauls were coming out of the Gibson factory in 1959.
An incredibly interesting guitar, and comes complete with its original case and Certificate of Authenticity. It's equipped with OX4 pickups but the originals Custombuckers with Alnico III magnets are in the case.

The Swiss Cave

The Swiss Cave

1959 (2013 reissue)
Original Hard
The Swiss Cave
Eric Zuccatti
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3:55 AM

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