** NEW ARRIVAL ** A guitar intervention, if you will...

We bought this SG at the Charlotte guitar show and after returning home, went through our usual process of cleaning and re-stringing it before taking the pictures. After the pix were shot, I took it up to our tech, Kevin the Magnificent so he could perform his magic on it. He did his thing and into the vault it went, quiet as a mouse. About a week later, Lee's on the phone when I hear him say, "Hey Cub, go get that '62 SG for me." I did and as he was talking to the guy on the phone, I saw him kinda furrow up and get a scowl on his face. He finished answering the gentleman's questions and then turned his attention to the guitar. He tuned it up played a few runs and the like on it and then he re-tuned it. Played it some more and then re-tuned it again. "Dang thing won't stay in tune" he said and sat it on a stand because we always have a million other things to do. I even went over to it later that evening to see if I could stretch the strings and get it straightened out, but it did the same thing to me. I probably muttered a few light profanities as I put it back on the stand and went upstairs.

When I woke up the next day, I had a brilliant idea. We have treated this guitar very well since we purchased it and this whole thing just wasn't sitting right with me. Literally babied it from the time it came out of the van, so I decided to have a "guitar intervention." I sat up about 20 or 25 guitars stands and placed them in a circle in the office. I then went to the vault and started pulling out guitars. Old ones, new ones, round ones, acoustic ones, pointy ones, and even a couple of basses to stand in as the drunk, grumpy old uncles. Then I placed this SG on a stand in the middle of the circle and just stared at it. No one in the room said a thing, so I decided right then that it would be me that did all the talking.

"So, Mr. Can't Get Right. Seems you have a little attitude going on. Got some kind of problem that I don't know about?" I asked. The guitar just sat there, not making a sound. It was as if I was getting the silent treatment from a 4- year old. I reached out and popped the high E string kinda hard. "The silent treatment don't bother me at all." I said. "As a matter of fact, it's probably better that you don't say anything after that little "out of tune" stunt you pulled yesterday. "You probably cost us the sale." The other guitars just stared at the SG as if it had single-handedly ruined a family vacation. I said in a loud, courtroom layer fashion, "All these other guitars were treated no better than you and they are all proudly displayed on our website. They all look like Playboy Playmates and they work perfectly. They all have great action and they all keep their intonation and THEY all stay in tune. What's your problem? Are you some kind of special?" You could have heard a pin drop when I heard a low whisper say, "Maybe you just put on a bad set of strings. You ever think about that, genius?" Now folks, for just a second, I got a little spooked because I thought I was alone in a room full of guitars, being silly and wasting what should have been productive work time. I whirled around and there was Lee, staring at me like I had two heads. He just looked at me and said, "What in the absolute hell are you doing, dude? We're supposed to be listing things up on the site." I kind of stammered something about thinking that a guitar intervention would be a good idea. Felling a little sheepish, I put the blame on this SG and kept saying that it was the guitar's fault, but the Tall One was having no part of it. "Man, let's get these back in the case and get to work. Dealing with you is like babysitting my sister's kids." Yep, I had once again got caught doing something stupid and I heard you can't fix that.

So, as I'm putting all of the guitars back in their cases and into the vault, I'm mumbling to myself about bad sets of strings and maybe how selling ice making machines in Dubai just might be a little easier. The last guitar to be put up was this SG, because I had put on another new set of strings and voila! It stays in tune perfectly and plays like an historic reissue should. I went into the vault, put this guitar on the shelf and as I turned to cut off the light, I heard a light whisper, "Hey fat boy. I think you owe me an apology." And Lee was nowhere to be found...

Year Condition Color Case
2012 Near Mint Cherry Red Original Hard


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