Here is a very important part of Gibson history. This "De Luxe Jumbo" (what later became the SJ-200) was built for bandleader Joe Wolverton (Les Paul's first boss) and shipped 3/22/1938 according to the Gibson ledgers (see photos).  This guitar was an all original prototype of the rosewood SJ-200, and one of the earliest known to be made for a celebrity. Like Ray Whitley's, this guitar sported the "marbled" pickguard, ala the Super 400 at the time, and not the "floral" design used on production models. The guitar was repaired and we think refinished in the early 1950s when it was owned by Gibson executive Andy Nelson. I have never found photos of Joe playing the guitar, so we do not know if it was originally blond or not. And both Andy and Joe have passed on. There are many unique aspects of this guitar, as per the experts who have examined it. It has 3 tone bars instead of two, an un-bevelled block, a larger headstock than normal, no backstrip, a deeper body, unique binding, and nickel tuners and hex nuts... not gold. A true prototype!

This guitar has been part of my private collection for years, it is a very interesting and rare part of vintage guitar history, and it has been talked about in various articles and such. When I got it I had Ken Fallon (the best) go through it, tighten any cracks, braces, and refret it. It still has the custom engraved truss rod cover with "Joe Wolverton" on it, and it comes with the original case.  A guitar for the true diehard vintage Gibson enthusiast. I am asking what Gruhn appraised it for 10 years ago, as its hard to price something like this.

Oh yeah... and its sounds and plays unbelievable!!

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