Wow! I’ve never seen an EB-2 with this finish before, and neither has anyone I know. Burgundy Metallic from Gibson is seen only in the late 1960s, mostly in 1967-8. Seen it on Trini Lopez models, seen it on the occasional ES-330 or ES-335, but never on a bass, and it looks GREAT! Be the first on your block to well, you know, have bragging rights, among other things, with this ultra-cool Gibson EB-2. All set up right here and everything works just as it should, even that nutty bass-boost pushbutton switch that never seems to work on these; well it sure works on this one, and it sounds totally over the top! Has what appears to be a Hipshot very solid replacement bridge, a definite improvement over the original but the original does come with it, so go to town here as you like. Take me home for the very attractive price of only $2195 w/hsc

Matt Umanov Guitars

Matt Umanov Guitars

Brand New
Burgundy Metallic
22 Years
Matt Umanov Guitars
Matt Umanov
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New York, NY
10:21 AM
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