On Hold!

Here is a beautiful and rare 1960 Gibson EB-6 , Gibson only produced 34 of these basses in 1960 and 67 in total between 1960-1961. This one is exceptionally rare because it is 100% original with the exception of the switch which has been replaced by a toggle . The condition is as close to perfect as you can get , as expected, it does show minor checking on the original sunburst finish and there is a small finish chip just below the high E tuner and a couple blemishes on top of the headstock other than that it's mint . The original PAF pickup and electronics are untouched , the cover has not been removed and the decal on the back of the pickup is fully intact , the machine heads , pickguard , knobs , truss cover and bridge are also untouched and original from 1960. The fingerboard and frets look unplayed . We are not worthy !

Capsule Music

Brand New
Original Hard
Capsule Music
Peter Kesper
Toronto, Ontario
10:54 AM