Kebos is pleased to announce our retail alliance with our good friends at The Bass Shop Seattle –(206) 932 - 4362. This bass is available for sale exclusively with them!

This 1961 EBO KILLS! Ancient refin and the serial is still visible. Nothing ever cracked and nothing hidden. 19xxx sn, the refin is super pro and looks to be done 40 years ago. The black pickup and all parts appear intact except for 1 knob. 7.2 lbs of deadly killer player bass. The pots all appear correct but I can’t read the codes due to positioning BUT they definitely appear correct. The output jack has a replaced Switchcraft unit and was expertly installed.

Kebo's Bass Works

Kebo's Bass Works

Old Refin Cherry Pro Job
Kebo's Bass Works
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Payments - We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire Transfer, checks and of course cash. We hold the right to ship when payment clears.

Shipping will only be sent via UPS. It may be a few dollars more, but we find that the quality of service, speed and “trackability” are much better.

Sorry to sound rigid but I’ve sent out way too many instruments for a free “weekend rental”. All instruments offer a 24 hour approval. We may extend this if you ask. All instruments if returned will be charged up to an 8% restocking fee. Please ask if there are any questions. Shipping costs in both directions are the responsibility of the purchaser. Occasionally setups get knocked out in transit and can be easily rectified. If there is an issue, call us. This happens typically in the cold and hot weather. A return is a transaction that has been paid for whether it was shipped or not. If we have your credit card approval and you have buyer’s remorse, that is a deal and the restocking fees apply. This cost me hundreds of dollars a year.