This is one you don't see everyday! Here is a 1996 Gibson EDS-1275 in alpine white. Introduced in 1958 and redesigned in 1963, the EDS-1275 resembles a SG body but with two short scale necks, the top a 12 string and the bottom a 6 string. Made famous by Jimmy Page, the EDS-1275 gives you the option to switch between a 6 string and 12 string guitar mid song as easily as it is to flip the neck selector switch. Constructed of a 3 piece mahogany body and maple necks, the shorter scale 20 fret necks feel great in comparison to your typical SG where the neck feels extra long and the guitar feels extra neck heavy. weighing in at only 11.6lbs, this guitar weighs less than some of the earlier Les Pauls you'll find. Definitely a guitar to have in your collection, you can never go wrong with having an EDS-1275 in your arsenal.

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