First time on the market.
Recently purchased from the original owners family.
1958. Great year for PAF Gibson guitars !
Cleanest one from this era (or most eras ) I've ever seen.
As my good friend Jim Singleton would say "Stoopid Clean !"
Easily 9.8/10.
100% original with the exception of repro retrofit aged tuners installed with the original bushings and screws.
The original tuners ARE INCLUDED, but brittle and shrinking (1 already deteriorated), like most of these do.
Fairly certain I'm the first person to turn a screw on this guitar since it was purchased in 1957 !
This guitar has zero playing wear, zero checking, zero scratches, zero belt wear, zero arm wear, zero rust, zero issues.
Frets look brand new, as does the nut.
A couple Tiny marks on the back of the headstock , most likely from the case.
An "imperfections" you may see in the pictures are reflections.
Minor nickel oxidation (can't help this.....its science), but still very shiny.
Yes, it is really that clean !!
Original PAF's measure 7.97 neck, 7.55 bridge.
Neck has a nice comfortable round profile.
Truss rod functions flawlessly.
Comes with the original brown case & not 1.....but 2 keys !
As stated, this is an Investment Grade instrument and a must for a Serious Collector.
Will only ship this overnight, unless its close to Nevada & I can fly or drive it there.

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