.Exceptionally clean. Original hardshell case, Plays and sounds wonderful, light weight at 5lbs. 12oz.. Tune-o-Matic bridge for better playability. Perfect intonation.
Ultra rare!
I personally like the ES-225td model. The thinline body style and single cutaway are very versatile on a guitar that is not really that expensive (even today). It's an excellent basic guitar that plays nice and sounds good. The Gibson ES-225 guitar is a thick fully hollow body style and a single sharp cutaway. The Gibson ES-225 has neck binding and a pearl peghead logo. The ES-225 also has independent tuners (opposed to "three on a strip" tuners). It has a larger 1950s style Gibson neck shape, classic "bonnet" knobs, nickel plated parts, and the rare optional blond finish. Also the construction of the body is a bit different on the ES-225. If you look inside the cutaway, you can see the top meets the sides differently on an ES-225 than on an ES-125. On the ES-125 the top is more "bent" down to meet the sides, where on an ES-225 the top is spaced with maple and not bent to meet the side.

For the Investor and Collector!!!

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