Before the ES-335, 345, 355. Before the ES-330, and the humble 125T. Before any of the legendary series of Gibson thinlines that changed guitar design forever, there was this slim sunburst beauty, where it all began.

Inspired by a guitar Elmer Stromberg had built for Nashville session ace Hank Garland, in 1955 Gibson introduced three new models, hollow body electric archtops with a slimmed depth profile unprecedented in the marketplace. The Byrdland and its laminate counterpart the ES-350T were both protoyped with a single example each. But a new popularly priced model was rushed into a production run of over 600 units. With its simple, elegant design the ES-225 was targeted at a mass audience, and was massively popular. Over 2200 of the new Florentine cutaway thinlines shipped in the first two years of production alone.

This gleaming beauty is from the last year of production for this short lived model. The slim depth body offers superior feedback resistance, P-90 pickup is clear and detailed, and the fast 24 3/4" scale makes for a highly versatile and playable combination. Similar to a thinline version of an early '50s ES-175, the model is ideal for jazz, blues, rockabilly and traditional guitar styles of all types.

Preserved in exceptional condition, the guitar has been maintained without pick, buckle or thumb wear, and the original sunburst finish has ambered to a warm glow over the attractive slab-cut maple body. A featherweight wonder, this example weighs in at a bare 5lb. 12oz. and is an absolute delight to hold and play. The neck is the coveted late 50's shape with a generous C profile, and the full 1 11/16" fingerboard width. The tone is clear, detailed and responsive, and the action is smooth and low over fine original fretwork and a fresh high precision setup. And unlike many which shipped in flimsy fiber cases, this handsome guitar is supplied with its original Gibson Faultless arched black hardshell case.

A handsome and versatile player, the ES-225 occupies a pioneering position at the dawn of the modern electric guitar. One only: call now.

Year Condition Color Case
1959 Excellent sunburst Original Hard

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Seattle, WA
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