On Hold!

Introduced in 1959, the ES-330TD ("Thin Double-cutaway") combined cutting-edge innovation with traditional design. The slim depth body is a delight for the player to hold. Greatly reducing feedback, the trim profile still retains the graceful lines of the classic Gibson archtops. Best of all, the 330 has a fully hollow body, like the Byrdland, ES-350T, and the famous George Gobel L-5. Ideal for jazz, blues and everything in between, the hollow tone chamber produces a fatter, warmer tone than semi-solid models, and is blissfully lighter in weight. Unavailable since 1972, the ES-330 remains among the most comfortable and versatile electric guitars Gibson ever made.

Built in the last year for the coveted full width 1 11/16" fingerboard, this handsome guitar sports twin original P-90 pickups, making it the most desirable version of this classic model. Maintained in superb condition, the guitar has all-original hardware, electronics and finish, free of pick, thumb and fingerboard wear, with original medium jumbo fretwork in excellent shape. Apart from a few incidental lacquer nicks, the instrument shows few signs of play altogether.

At barely 6lb. even, the guitar is blissfully lightweight and exquisitely balanced, resting effortlessly on the lap or the strap. The neck has an elegant "C" profile, with smooth low action over a fresh high-precision setup, and the original P-90 pickups produce a sparkling tone as rich as the warm sunburst finish.

The guitar is supplied with an original black plush lined fiber case, but will be shipped in a new deluxe hardshell case if desired. A superb example of a true '60's classic. Lightweight, versatile, and with just the right neck: this one has it all. One only, call now.

Year Condition Color Case
1964 Excellent sunburst, HOLD Original Soft


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