OK, figure this one out. The guitar has all the 58 features-shallow neck angle, big (and I mean huge) neck profile, thin top, shaved bridge, pat applied tuners (with original tips), etc, etc. Factory order number is also 58, so we know it was built in 58 (or at least started in 58). So, how did it get an early 60 serial number on the label? I've seen 58 FON's in mid 59-in fact I have one in my shop right now. But 60? That's more than a little strange. Did it sit around the factory in some dark corner unsold until somebody noticed it a year and a half later? Was it a special order where somebody wanted a humongous neck (biggest 335 neck I've ever had) and they just happened to have a 58 kicking around? All irrelevant if you ask me. A great guitar-the FON tells me all I need to know. The reason a 60 is worth less than a 59 or 58 is the neck profile. With the big neck on this one, you won't care what year the serial number says. Original brown case.

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