There is a kind of hierarchy when it comes to 335's that is reflected in the price (and the desirability). I base it on features rather than condition or when the guitar was shipped. The most consistently great 335's are 58 factory order guitars with a 59 (or even 60) serial. The 58 build gets you the thin top which I think is a huge factor in tone. The 59 serial assures you that the neck angle will accommodate a full height ABR-1 bridge. The 58 FON also assures you of a big neck (usually around .88" at the first fret and .98" at the 12th). The odd thing is that these 58 builds can show up all through 59 and even a few in 1960. You also have some late 58's that have the same features. You could have two 59's one serial number apart that are totally different guitars built as much as two years apart. So, when buying a 335, ask about the features and measurements, not the serial number. This guitar is an all original early 59 with a late 58 factory order number. Thin top, fat neck (.87" and .97"), sealed PAFs, no issues. Condition is 9-. There is moderate fade to the finish-most of the red in the sunburst is gone and some wear to the fingerboard. Checking is very light and there is no visible wear to the finish. The original frets have lots of life left. Even the tuner tips are original and have not shrunk. This is only found on 58's and early 59's as they changed the plastic in early 59 and almost all of them deteriorate badly. Look for "patent applied" tuners and you'll likely have original tips. The main event here is the tone. It's beautifully balanced and will get appropriately nasty when cranked. It does the Clapton tones better than any I've had-a great neck pickup. It took me half an hour to do this listing because I couldn't put the guitar down. Original Gibson badge case in very good condition.

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