BMVG is pleased to offer another Holy Grail Gibson Instrument!

Four hundred and five ES-335 td's shipped in 1960, that's it folks, that is all of them, 405!
Being much rarer than their Burst counterparts; it's easy to see why no collection is complete without at LEAST one of these dot necked monsters that are lovingly referred to as "Burst Killers".

We predicted a couple years back that 335's from late 58-60 would soon hit 80-100k, are we there yet? Not quite yet, will we be there in the couple years? Absolutely. Dot's are still in many of our opinions greatly undervalued given the super low production numbers vs lets say their Burst counterparts.

It's pretty clear to us as 58-60 dots which only pop up from time to time get put into collections, the scarcity of these instruments will only continue to increase their value. Simple economics at work here, supply vs demand...

So what do we have...
A 1960 example with 59 features, including a 59 transitional neck; more of a D shape & actually wider at the nut, not a blade but not huge.
2 sealed PAF's with a nasty bridge pickup that reads in the high 8's!
1960 dated pots & original harness.
Nickel no wire ABR-1 Bridge & Short Seam Stop tailpiece.
D-Stamped Single Ring Kluson Tuners (re-buttoned as is typically the case) with no other footprint or modification.
Amber switch tip & Bonnet knobs, we have some reflector knobs in as well, this guitar will come with both sets.
A striking factory sunburst finish with mild and even weather checking throughout.
Original Lifton Case.

The condition of the instrument speaks for itself. It is a great one, so it was played as is evident by the honest play-wear on the back of the neck, which is completely smooth to the touch.
This beauty has zero breaks, touchups, overspray or repairs and still has its original frets which are lower but completely playable!
This 335 is light, nimble & an absolute tone machine!

As is always the case do not hesitate to reach out for more information!

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