1962 is, to me, the sleeper year for 335's. Everybody goes nuts over 58's and 59's but you have to consider the 62 when you're looking for a 335. The neck is wide and fairly slim but not the blade neck of late 60 and 61. The neck measures .82" at the first fret and .93" at the 12th. It's a very comfortable playable profile for most players. This 62 has short A5 magnet PAFs which are wonderfully consistent pickups. The body is still the Mickey Mouse ear version (gone in 63). With prices going through the roof, it might be time to consider a Bigsby version. take off the Bigsby and the "Custom Made" plate and put on a stop tail if you don't use a vibrato. It'll save you 15 to 20%. This 62 is a spectacularly good player. It is all original down to the frets. There is almost no wear and only a few scrapes here and there but it's still a 9/10 guitar. The red has not faded or darkened like so many 61-64's have. This was a well cared for guitar. It breaks my heart that this was an $18000 guitar just a year ago. But I don't think the market for PAF guitars has topped out by any means. The case is a Lifton and is in good condition. Everything works but there is wear and some bumps and scrapes (that's what the case is for).

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