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This 62 ES-335 is a wonderful player with tone that is well above the average for this "sleeper" year. It's got some issues but it's all priced in. Pay attention...Pickups have never been out of the guitar but the bridge pickup is missing its sticker. The neck PAF has a perfect sticker. Call the bridge a PAF or call it an early patent-it's impossible to know in 62 (they are the same anyway except for the sticker). Condition over all is an 8.5/10 but the guitar shows the very common (especially in 61 but also in 60 and 62) truss rod crack on the back of the neck. It's not structural but you have to know its there. It shows up as a black line in the photo. It runs from the 3rd to the 5th fret so it's a pretty small one. It has been repaired and will never cause you a problem unless you overcrank the truss rod. If I didn't tell you about it, you might never notice it or would assume it's a scratch. It is rarely disclosed by sellers. I have lowered the price by $8000 because of this. This guitar had Schaller tuners when I got it and they have been replaced with exact match repro Klusons. No extra holes. The tuners, the G string saddle and the case are not original. Everything else is original or vintage correct. One tone knob is missing its reflector. Neck profile is slim (.815" and .895") but wide. Case is an early 60's Lifton in fair condition (replaced handle).

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