Sometimes you get a guitar that is just dazzling. Lots of red Gibsons fade to a less than attractive muddy reddish brown but some retain the gorgeous blood red color that seems luminous. This is a 63 and it's a bit unusual. There were lots of changes in 1963. Early 63's have Mickey Mouse ear cutaways. Late ones have the pointy ears. Early ones have a slim 62 type neck profile. Late ones have the medium chunky 64 profile. Every once in a while, one comes along with Mickey Mouse ears AND the big neck. This is one of those. First fret depth measures .84. The 12th measures .97". This guitar has one patent number pickup and one that is either a PAF or a patent number-the label is largely gone-all I can see is the "p" in patent, so it doesn't tell me much. It reads 8.54K, so who cares what label it has. The patent number reads 7.7K. The guitar show almost no player wear. The frets are original. The finish shines like new. There is a small area on the back that had a slight reaction with something in the case-it's slightly rough over a small area. It is too minor to show up in a photo. The bridge is a no wire with metal saddles. 63's came with a number of different bridge configurations. Most had the wire type bridge with nylon saddles. Some had no wire bridges with nylon saddles and some had no wire with metal. Case is original black with yellow interior with Gibson badge. More photos coming

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