There are a lot of different versions of the 1965 ES-335. It was an important transitional year and, unfortunately, some of the changes are not seen as improvements. The change that most vintage players bemoan is the narrowing of the nut width from 1 11/16" to 1 9/16". If you look long and hard, you can find a 65 with all the 64 features, but it will cost almost as much as a 64. So, you look for one that has the features you want most. What I want most in a 65 is that wonderful big fat '64 neck. I'd like a stop tail too but then it gets too expensive, so I'll settle for a trapeze. Truthfully, I don't hear that much difference but I like the look of a stop better. But if your budget is limited, a '65 with a big neck is not just a great's the best choice. This guitar will play like a 64 and sound like a 64. What more could you ask for and for about a third less money. This guitar is 100% original except for the frets. It's been played and shows moderate wear but nothing more. There are 2 very hot patent number pickups. The bridge is a very strong 8.5K and the neck is 7.8K-just like you want them. Some hardware is nickel (tuners, tailpiece, bridge, pickguard bracket) and some is chrome (pickup covers). The fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood. Case is not original and isn't the one in the photo. It's a decent 80's case. I would rate the condition a 8.0. I would rate the tone a 9.5.

Year Condition Color Case
1965 Very Good Sunburst Hard


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