Read 'em and weep. Not just a factory black 59 ES-345 but a "first rack" 345. FON #s S8537, S8538 and S8539 are generally considered the first 345's. What makes them special is the HUGE neck, the "short leg" PAF in the bridge and the sometimes wax potted choke in a much smaller rout than the later ones. This has all of the features of a first rack, including the wax potted choke and it's completely intact. The wiring has never been touched, the PAF pickups have never been opened. The tuners are pat applied for Klusons and possibly original but were at one time swapped out for Grovers. It is a factory stop tail but had a Bigsby added at a later date-probably in the first year since the Bigsby (which is included) is the older type that only lasted until late 1960. It is currently set up as stop tail (vintage correct short seam, long studs). The finish is without any doubt a factory original finish. No sign of a refinish. Neck measures .91" at the first fret and 1.01" at the 12th. that's about as big as they get. The guitar shows moderate checking and moderate wear. There are scrapes and bumps everywhere but it's 56 years old. You should look so good at 56. The frets appear to be original. Brown Lifton case in fair condition.

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