What an all around beautiful guitar! Truly, the photos don't do it justice, and the tone of this vintage Gibson ES-345 is to die for.

The 345 is their amazing semi-hollow 335 with some very note-worthy upgrades. Not only do you got the standard manufacturer upgrades like gold-hardware, and the oh-so-classic split parallelogram inlays, but the 345 has some extra tricks up its sleeve. Most noticeable is the Varitone 6-way rotary switch. This sends you signal through a variety of tone caps, letting you warm up your sound or thin it out to really cut through and bite. Not so apparent is the fact that it is wired with stereo output so you can send each pickup to its own amp, or to two channels on the same amp, or however else you want to run things.

This one very much looks its true age, if not slightly cleaner than normal. It got out and got some action, we'll call it "used but not abused." No breaks or repairs, just light/faint paint marks throughout. The bottom tone knob is partially cracked. Some tarnish on the hardware. When you plug it in and hear how good it sounds you will not be surprised that it needed a re-fret along the way. It's a pro job and there's good meat left on them so they'll last for years and years.

Typical late 60s thin to thick neck taper, 1-9/16" at the nut. One of the joys of a semi-hollow is its weight and this one is a very manageable 8.2 lbs.

Original Gibson hard case included.

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