WOW!!! 1959 Blonde ES-350T in Dead MINT condition. This One-Owner Investment-grade guitar was purchased from the Original owner who bought it new in 1959 in St. Louis. This is the world's finest example of this instrument and has ZERO wear, ZERO Checking, ZERO cracks, ZERO scratches, ZERO anything!! Everything is 100% original and untouched. It's silencing and humbling to even hold and look at this guitar in person. Serial #A-30165. The Guitar has an incredible Flame Top, just slightly below 1 1/16” nut width (see photo), PAF's, gold hardware, an amazingly clean original Lifton case. The only other instrument we have ever seen as clean as this is its brother from 1959, our ES-350T in Sunburst (picture shown here , and listed for sale on Reverb).

This guitar is super cool and under-valued, here's why: 1) PAF's 2) Dead-Mint under the bed condition 3) 1959 golden era 4) BLONDE!!! 5) Widely used by guitar heroes, but for some reason never got the notoriety like the Les Paul or Stratocaster (see pic of EC, Keef, and Chuck).

Don't spend $10,000 or $15,000 on a lesser instrument that has replaced parts or has been refretted or has wear. You deserve a Guitar that will leave you breathless simply upon looking at it, was well as hearing and playing it!!

Purchase includes professional shipping anywhere in the CUSA. Will quote separately for International Shipping.

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