Why are big neck ES-355's so hard to find? Because there aren't very many of them. Gibson changed to the narrower neck profile fairly early in the year on the 355-much earlier than they did on the 345's and 335's. So, finding a big neck 355 is, maybe, a once a year thing here. This is this year's. It is all original except for the Bigsby arm and two screws. It has been converted to mono (original harness and Varitone in the case). Neck measures .88" at the first fret and 1" at the twelfth. That's big. PAFs have been opened but never rewound. I have left them unsoldered so the buyer can inspect. I can re-solder them if desired. If you've been looking for a big neck 355, it's time to move on it. Four out of every five 59's I get are the smaller necks-and they only made 300 ES-355's in 59. So, there were probably around 60 big neck 355's (plus 10 in 58) ever made. Original brown case in good condition with one broken latch.

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